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Friday, February 17, 2012

Newborn Baby Bonnet Pattern

I've had a lot of friends having babies lately. This has been my number one gift. I just love these sweet bonnets on a newborn face. I've also sold them on my etsy page with a matching newborn cocoon.

First I cast on 30 stitches with a thicker yarn on size 8 needles.
Row 1- knit
Row 2- purl
Row 3- knit 1, k2tog, knit accross, k2tog, knit 1
Row 4- purl
Row 5- knit 1, k2tog, knit across, k2tog, knit 1
Row 6- purl
Row 7- knit
Row 8- purl
Row 9- change to baby yarn, I like to use a double yarn just to keep the thickness consistent.

Keep going with knit (rs) and purl (ws) until you reach 4 inches.

Then bind off and leave a long tail to stitch up the back of the bonnet with.

Cut long strings with all three yarns for the braided ties.

Or just buy it here!!

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