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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bebe skirt

I've made a few pairs of the Pickles Pants . They are so cute on little diapered bums! I was knitting for a friends sisters the other day and thought up a way to change the pattern into a skirt. So this is what I came up with- the Bebe Skirt.

Cast on 44 stitches in a round. Knit in stockinette for an inch.
And then in the direct front of the skirt, make two holes for the drawstring to go through. I use a k2tog.
The next round, make a stitch where you lost a stitch on the round before.
Knit another two inches in stockinette.
Then for one round, make a stitch after every stitch you knit. (knit 1, make 1)
Knit in stockinette again for another two inches.
Then to make the ruffled edge, knit in the front and back of each stitch.
Knit two more rows and then bind off.

Roll the top of the skirt down and sew a hem for the draw string to go through. I usually sew it with the draw string inside so I don't have to weave it through later.

Tuck in all the loose bits of yarn with a plastic needle.

I use a crochet hook to make the draw string, but you could certainly use a knitting stitch too.

The great thing about this skirt is it will fit from newborn until probably about one year with a pain of bloomers.

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