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Monday, September 6, 2010

headband instructions

I've been making these headbands for everyone. Just thought I'd share how they are made.

The headband itself is pretty simple. You can size it in multiples of 4. I usually use 48 stitches in the round, knitting it k2 p2.

The bow starts with being a knitted rectangle. Depending on the size needed, I use 10 or 15 stitches.

Then I stitch up the ends. I suppose you could knit it in the round, but I like using that stitching to help me keep track of the center.

Then I wrap yarn around the center to make the bow. It's pretty simple, but you have to hold it really tight or it will look messy.

I stitch the bow onto the headband and I also stitch the sides so it's not floppy.

Then I tuck in the yarn ends and trim any loose bits. And that's it!

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