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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

mod podge christmas + button ornaments

I found this vintage "little Golden book" at a resale shop and picked it up over the summer. I had an idea for some Christmas ornaments and today put the pieces together.

I got the base of the ornament premade from Joann's. I used the cover of the book, which was harder cardboard, to make the template for the ornaments.

I traced pictures from the book to use as the pictures for the ornaments. I loved how the pages were discolored from age and the pictures were so dated.

I had to make some of the pictures fit by cutting and piecing the pages around. Then I used mod podge to glue the pieces on.

Then I put a good thick coat of mod podge over the top. This has to dry well and then it gets clear and shiney. Repeat for the back side. I tried to have one whole picture on one side and then a picture with the text from the book on the other side.

I also made this button ornament today copied after a picture I saw on Pinterest . I used two pieces of wire thread to thread the buttons together, twisted the top into a hanger and added a bow. I love it!

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