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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sunday Bonnet

I got the idea for this hat from the woman who sat in front of me at church a few weeks ago. This isn't an exact copy, but it is my spin on her groovy church hat.

Cast on 52 stitches (must an even number- but use whatever you need to be big enough to fit around your head. The k2p2 pattern will make it stretch so it doesn't have to fit loosely) onto regular straight needles. I used 10mms.
For the first 10 rows K2 P2 all the way across using one color yarn.
For the next 10 rows, add another color along with the first and knit both yarns across. Then purl back. This is the stockinette stitch.
The next 10 rows- go back to one color and continue with stockinette
The next 10 rows- add on your other color and stockinette
The next 10 rows- one color in stockinette
The next 10 rows- two colors in stockinette.
Bind off in knit.
Sew up the seam to make a tube shape. Then the top of the hat is sewn in 4 even sections (see picture).

This hat is super soft and comfy.

Thank you to my girl, Solstice, for being my model. xoxo

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